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Association of legal entities and individuals "Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan" - is a nonprofit organization. Union is voluntary and is based on the membership of legal entities engaged in the poultry industry and related fields of activity for the common defense of the common economic interests, to protect the rights, representation of common interests in the state bodies and international organizations.


The subject of activities of the Union:



-preparation and submission of proposals to the state authorities on the development of poultry farming, incl state support for the sector measures; -vnesenie proposals to government and representative bodies on the strengthening and expansion of the regulatory and legislative framework poultry industry; -Create a database of information and provision of information services to members of the Union; -vnesenie proposals for the development of poultry breeding base and scientific support; - Organization of events including and international, aimed at disseminating knowledge, innovation and the exchange of experience.


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